Houston Water Conservation

Email questions about the Smart Utility Check-Up to WaterConservation@houstontx.gov.

Conserving water has benefits beyond lowering bills, it ensures clean water for generations to come. Houston Water’s Conservation team is committed to offering tools, programs, and resources to help customers conserve one of our most precious resources – water. 

Water Saving Tips 

Water at Dusk or Dawn (when the sun is not shining) 

Set sprinklers to water plants & grass twice a week between the hours of 7PM and 5AM.  

Shut-off Sprinklers during Winter  

Join us for the Winter Sprinkler Shutoff! Shut off automatic sprinkler systems between November 1 and February 28. During this time grass is dormant and does not need regular watering. Click the provided links for calendar reminders to shut off and turn on your sprinklers.  

Turn off automated sprinkler | Turn on automated sprinkler 

Have you turned off your sprinkler for the winter? Are you still hesitant? Send us your feedback here and we’ll send you a WaterWise conservation kit free of charge!  

sprinkler checklist flyer

Install a Garden Hose Timer 

Garden hose timers can save a lot of water and money when watering outside. Let’s face it, once the garden hose is running, It’s hard to remember it’s on! 

Water Conservation 2020

Check & Repair Leaks 

To check for leaks, turn off all water-using appliances and watch the water meter. If the meter is still moving, there is probably a leak. Repair the leak or call a plumber immediately.  

Install Water Efficient Toilets, Showerheads, Faucets & Appliances 

Visit https://www.epa.gov/watersense/watersense-products for the best water efficient appliances. 

Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when full.  

Recycle unused water!  

Use a bucket to collect the water that runs while you are waiting for your shower to warm. Use this to water your plants or fill your pet’s water bowl.  

Water Conservation Resources 
Campaigns & Events  

Email waterconservation@houstontx.gov for questions or more information