Transportation & Drainage Operations

Veronica O. Davis, P.E., Deputy Director

About the Deputy Director

Veronica is an experienced civil engineer and urban planner. As a self-described transportation nerd, she believes all people should have access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation. In her role over drainage, she looks to innovation to manage and live with stormwater as weather events become more intense. Prior to the City of Houston, she was a Managing Partner at a company she co-founded in 2009. She started her career as a Highway Engineer at the Federal Highway Administration.

She is the Houston representative and Vice President of the National Association of City Transportation Officials. She also represents the City of Houston on the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Transportation Advisory Committee and Transportation Improvement Program Subcommittee.

About Transportation & Drainage Operations

Transportation & Drainage Operations (TDO) is committed to maintaining roadways/bridges, drainage and traffic systems existing infrastructure within the city of Houston’s inventory to ensure it’s functioning as designed to meet the needs of the public. TDO is also active in the planning, designing and engineering of roadways, bridges, traffic control devices and stormwater systems.  As the Houston continues to transform, TDO is implementing projects to improve quality of life such as high comfort bicycle lanes, expanding the trail network along the bayous, installing green infrastructure to hold stormwater, and improve sidewalks to accommodate children traveling to school and people with disabilities. 


669 square miles across Houston
1,000 employees
15,000 miles of streets with related pavement markings
Over 1 million traffic signs
2,500 traffic signals
19,000 high – mast and under-bridge lights
1,370 bridges
1,450 school zone flashers
4,490 miles of sidewalks
3,900 miles of storm sewer lines
250,000 approx. related stormwater infrastructure – (manholes, inlets, other)
33 roadway underpasses w/storm ponding level warning devices (14 w/pump stations)
2,800 miles of roadside ditches
90 miles of off-road/major ditches
35 storm water detention basins
140 miles of fiber optic cable
1,200 ITS devices


Transportation & Drainage Operations is a compilation of seven branches that ensure services are provided effectively and proficiently: 

  • Houston TranStar Executive Branch
  • Multimodal Safety & Design
  • Project Delivery Branch
  • Stormwater Operations Branch
  • Street & Bridge Maintenance Branch
  • Support Services Branch
  • Traffic Operations Branch

Support Services Branch – Tracy Samuel
TDO's Support Services Branch is committed to ensuring customer needs are met through timely and efficient delivery of products and services. This branch receives, assigns, and responds to all TDO-related 3-1-1 services requests, emails, phone calls, and correspondences from customers throughout the City of Houston. This branch also oversees TDO's budget and financial resources, and assists operations in appropriately allocating money for street, drainage, bridge, and traffic infrastructure maintenance. One of the service line’s missions is to be good stewards of taxpayers' money. 

Houston TranStar – Dinah Massie
TranStar unites the City of Houston, Harris County, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County and the Texas Department of Transportation into one team with one purpose:  To keep motorists informed, roadways clear and lives safe. Need travel times or real-time updates on traffic? 
Download the Houston TranStar app, visit Houston TranStar, or call 713.881.3000 (Admin Office) or 713.881.3044 (Public Information Office)

Project Delivery Branch – Michael Wahl, P.E., PTOE
The Project Delivery Branch is comprised of multiple programs to support the Transportation & Drainage Operations service line.  This support consists of planning, designing, and constructing multiple CIP and grant funded projects annually.  It also consists of oversight / coordination of external agency let projects impacting City facilities.  The major programs within the Project Delivery Branch are ITS, Traffic Signals, Intersection Safety, Council District Service Fund (CDSF), Sidewalks, Bikeways, Street Rehabilitation, and Interagency Coordination

Stormwater Operations Branch – Johana Clark, P.E., PTOE, ENV SP
The Stormwater Operations Branch oversees the daily performance of Houston’s critical drainage system infrastructure delivering results through maintenance and rehabilitation projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Branch provides planning, engineering & project management support services. Infrastructure supported includes storm sewer systems, roadside & off-road ditches, detention basins and stormwater pump stations. Stormwater Operations leads implementation of green infrastructure and other sustainable & resilient practices.

Street & Bridge Maintenance Branch – Vacant
The Street & Bridge Maintenance Branch is responsible for keeping the road network in the City of Houston safe and passable. The Branch handles road hazards such as potholes, base failures, concrete buckles, and other road conditions that may pose a safety concern. The Branch is also responsible for street sweeping, right of way mowing, and debris removal. In addition, the Branch utilizes industry leading techniques to program preventative maintenance as well as rehabilitation programs to extend the life of the network. 

Traffic Operations Branch – Fabio Capillo
Operational 24 hours per day 365 days a year, the Traffic Operations Branch is responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of various transportation infrastructure and systems for the City of Houston, including traffic signals, school zone flashers, traffic signs, pavement markings, maintenance / operations of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and freeway lights & under bridge lights.  The goal of the Traffic Operations Branch is to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow along Houston arterial roadway system and to mitigate, through efficient coordination with other local and state agencies, the impacts of increased traffic volumes, actively managing the multi-modal system and making operational decisions for the benefit of system mobility as a whole. The Branch encourages all issues with traffic control devices, from signs with graffiti to signal timing problems, be reported to the City of Houston 311 system.

Multimodal Safety & Design Branch  – Khang Nguyen, P.E.
The Traffic Management Branch is responsible for performing engineering studies, plan reviews, & field investigations related to traffic safety, traffic counts, street lighting, school zones, speed humps, railroad safety & quiet zones, view obstructions, neighborhood cut-through traffic, and Capital Improvement Plan projects. This branch also manages street and lane closure permits, develops general speed & school zone ordinances, and coordinates with HPD to help alleviate traffic congestion hot spots under the Mobility Response Team Additionally, the Traffic Management Branch performs various functions relating to system operations, including signal design, modifications & timing, and Intelligent Transportation System development. The branch is governed by Chapter 15 of the Houston Public Works Infrastructure Design Manual.

Stormwater Operations Branch

Johana E. Clark, P.E.,PTOE, ENV SP - Senior Assistant Director

The Stormwater Operations Branch (SWOB) oversees the daily performance of Houston’s critical drainage infrastructure delivering results through maintenance and rehabilitation projects in a timely and cost-effective manner for community. The Branch provides planning, engineering & project management support services.