Transportation & Drainage Operations

Transportation & Drainage Operations is a service line of Houston Public Works streets and drainage for the city under the leadership of Veronica O. Davis. Transportation & Drainage Operations creates a strong foundation for Houston to thrive by delivering safe and efficient travel into and around Houston. Our work includes streets, bridges, and stormwater drainage.


671 square miles across Houston
16,000 lane miles of streets (the distance between Houston and Tokyo and back)
Over 1 million traffic signs
2,500 traffic signals 
1,371 bridges
1,450 school zone flashing signs
4,500 miles of sidewalks
3,900 miles of stormwater lines 
250,000 approx. related stormwater infrastructure – (manholes, inlets, other)
33 street underpass high water warning devices (14 w/pump stations)
2,800 miles of roadside ditches 
35 storm water detention basins


Transportation & Drainage Operations is compiled of six branches: 

  • Stormwater Operations
  • Multimodal Safety & Design
  • Project Delivery
  • Traffic, Street & Bridge Maintenance
  • Houston Transtar
  • Support Services

Stormwater Operations – Johana Clark, PE, PTOE, ENV SP

Stormwater Operations handles the daily maintenance and improvements for the City’s drainage system. The team includes engineering and project management support services. Stormwater Operations delivers results through inspections, maintenance, and rehabilitation projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Stormwater infrastructure includes stormwater lines, roadside & off-road ditches, detention basins and stormwater pump stations.

Multimodal Safety & Design – Khang Nguyen, PE SP

Multimodal Safety & Design is responsible for engineering studies, plan reviews, and field investigations related to traffic safety, traffic counts, street lighting, school zones, developing school zone ordinances, railroad safety & quiet zones, view obstructions, neighborhood cut-through traffic, speed cushions/humps, as well as requests for additional traffic control devices. The team handles various functions related to system planning & design, including the Houston bicycle network, as well as development of transportation projects and general urban design. Multimodal Safety & Design is governed by Chapter 45 of the City Code of Ordinances and the Chapters 15 and 17 of the Houston Public Works Infrastructure Design Manual. 

Multimodal Safety & Design has three sections:

  • Traffic Safety: team develops long-term strategies to reduce traffic deaths and make streets safer and more accessible for all commuters, while also addressing 311 requests submitted by the community.  
  • Traffic Mobility: team reviews all traffic control, signage, and pavement markings across the city. They work with the Capital Projects team to provide updated pavement markings for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). This section also manages the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) and speed zones.
  • Urban Design: team leads the Design Concept Report (DCR) process for transportation-related capital projects and mobility studies. They provide input for small area planning & design, and streetscape and corridor planning & design.

Project Delivery – Michael Wahl, PE, PTOE SP

Project Delivery is responsible for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Traffic Signals, Intersection Safety, Council District Service Funds (CDSF) projects, Sidewalks, Bikeways, Street Rehabilitation, and Interagency coordination. It includes planning, designing, and funding transportation Capital Improvement Project (CIP) and grant-funded projects.

Traffic, Street, and Bridge Maintenance – Fabio Capillo SP

Traffic, Street, and Bridge Maintenance is responsible for keeping the road network across Houston safe and passable. The team handles operations and maintenance for traffic signals, school zone flashing signs, freeway lights and bridge lights, pavement markings, potholes and road conditions that may pose a safety concern.  They address issues with traffic control devices, signal timing problems, street sweeping, right-of-way mowing and debris removal after severe storms. 

Houston Transtar – Joshua Shideler SP

Houston Transtar uses cameras and monitoring systems across the Houston region to provide roadway traffic alerts and traffic times. The team utilizes resources from the City, Harris County, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO).

Support Services – Tracy Samuel SP

Support Services handles 311 request data and ensures requests make it to the proper team to address