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Yvonne W. ForrestYvonne W. Forrest, Deputy Director 

Houston Water consists of approximately 1500 drinking water and wastewater professionals including engineers, scientists, and facility operations and maintenance personnel. The City of Houston Water and Wastewater Utility is a regulated public health agency governed by federal and state laws. Our staff maintains professional licenses issued by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other public health agencies.

Our business is managed in accordance with a threefold mission of protecting public health, protecting the environment and providing superior customer service. These core missions are captured within our organizational mission statement.

We are proud of our drinking water product and services. As residents within the City of Houston community, we are committed to serve and protect the drinking water health of our customers.

The City of Houston drinking water system maintains a "Superior" rating, the highest rating for water quality issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Our customers should be confident that the drinking water quality protects their health and well being. The City of Houston wastewater system has consistently been awarded Gold and Silver awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, in recognition of our ability to produce wastewater discharges in compliance with federal regulations that protect the public and the aquatic environment.

Our drinking water and wastewater utility serves approximately 2.2 million customers daily. Pipelines and physical facilities are geographically located throughout a four county service area, in excess of 600 square miles.

Notable projects include: Raw Surface Water System Expansion, Surface Water Purification Plant Expansion, Wastewater Collection System rehabilitation, Neighborhood Pipeline Replacements, Security System Enhancements, Watershed Management and Source Water Production.

Houston Water is divided into the following:

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