Sidewalk Program

Houston Public Works Sidewalk Program constructs new sidewalks and ramps along streets leading to schools, major thoroughfares and improves accessibility for people with disabilities.

Pedestrian Accessibility Review Program

The highest priority projects come from the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Pedestrian Accessibility Review. The request provides up to 1,500 feet of improved sidewalk accessibility for people with disabilities to safely travel to the bank, bus stop, educational facility, employment, grocery store, home, medical facility, METROLift, pharmacy, vehicle or place of worship.

Application for Pedestrian Accessibility Review Program Sidewalk

School Sidewalk Program*

The School Sidewalk program constructs sidewalks up to four blocks leading to an existing school, not including sidewalks around the perimeter of the school.

Major Thoroughfare Program*

The Major Thoroughfare program provides up to four blocks of new sidewalks along major thoroughfares, as approved by the Houston Planning Commission, for people to safely access shopping centers, bus stops and other frequently traveled routes.

* The area must have acceptable existing right-of-way with no ditches, slopes, large tree roots, fences, walls or obstructions. The length of time between a request and construction depends on the type of request, program funding and number of requests received.

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