A Trip to the WaterWorks Education Center

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The WaterWorks Education Center is temporarily closed.

Houston Water’s WaterWorks Education Center features interactive exhibits and fun educational activities for kids of all ages.  

The WaterWorks Education Center opened in October 2010 and is located at the Northeast Water Purification Plant near Lake Houston at 12550 Water Works Way, Humble, Texas 77396. Its mission is to promote water education, conservation and stewardship.

Visitors & Reservations

Free field trips and tours are available for all age groups with reservations, by calling 832-395-3791 or email: waterworks@houstontx.gov. The WaterWorks Education Center is ADA compliant. Please let us know if you have any special needs.

Summer camps, after-school programs, and scouting groups are always welcome. Our science-based programs can help students meet Texas Education Agency science and other multi-disciplinary educational requirements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 


Activity Themes

Water Cycle

Students will explore the movement of water above and on the surface of the Earth, the sun's energy, and gain a basic understanding of the water cycle and its importance to our world. Student level: All levels.

Water Conservation (Conservation): Students will understand how to use and conserve water at home, at school and in the community. Activities will highlight how conservation affects our drinking water resources, water treatment demands and our future water needs and supplies. Student level: All levels

Water Quality

Students will understand the difference between point and/or non-point source pollution, how pollutants affect our water supply and how each of us can protect the quality of our regional water resources and our quality of life. Students also learn to make informed choices in the conservation, disposal and recycling of other materials. Student level: All levels

Water Treatment

Students learn about each phase of the drinking water treatment process and understand how water is delivered to their homes and schools. Students will also learn the difference between storm water and wastewater. Student level: 6th grade and above

Watersheds and Wetlands

Students learn to identify and define a watershed and understand why they are important to our source water. Students will understand the characteristics and benefits of wetlands within a watershed. Groups wishing lessons solely based on wetlands should note this on their reservation forms. Student level: 6th grade and above

Fats, Oils and Grease

Students will learn how Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) clogs sewer lines when poured down drains and toilets. They will also learn simple ways to prevent FOG from clogging sewer lines. To learn more about Corral the Grease, please visit: www.corralthegrease.org Student level: All levels



One adult chaperone is required for every 10 students (under 18) to supervise safety and supervision. The field trip is designed to engage both students and adults in the program. ** All visitors ages 18 and older must present a PHOTO ID to the security guard at the plant entrance.

Age-appropriate younger siblings are welcome; however, additional chaperones may be advisable in addition to the ratio required above. We ask for your assistance and cooperation in making your field trip a worthwhile educational experience for your students while at the same time keeping them safe and under control. Please refrain from cell phone use, other than for photography purposes. School-age student visits are scheduled in approximately 2-hour blocks. Pre-school student visits may be completed in one hour or less. Adults-only tours may run 60 to 90 minutes.

WaterWorks Education Center Tips

  1. Please make every effort to arrive on time.
  2. Students must be supervised at all times. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for maintaining the discipline necessary for proper behavior while visiting the facility.
  3. Chaperones will accompany students for the duration of the visit.
  4. No running or jumping is allowed. For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, disruptive or unsafe behavior will not be permitted and may result in the entire group being asked to leave.
  5. NO backpacks, cell phone usage (except for photos), headphones, gum, or candy will be allowed inside the WaterWorks Education Center. Water fountains are available near the rest rooms.
  6. Please be considerate of the water treatment plant employees and other guests visiting the facility.
  7. For your own safety, do not climb on things and do not lean against walls or exhibits.
  8. Students may not leave the group at any time without being accompanied by a chaperone.
  9. Please do not bring sick children to our facility. Students that are nauseated or running a fever should not be brought into the building.  In the case that a child becomes sick, please notify a staff member.
  10. Please use inside voices so as not to disrupt other visitors and employees.
  11. Please use only pencils in the WaterWorks.
  12. Feel free to touch the exhibits and take photographs.
  13. Laugh, learn, explore, have fun and ask a lot of questions


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