Customer Service Branch

Field Services Section

This section conducts field investigations, prepares reports, and submits work orders detailing the condition of traffic signs, striving to ensure traffic safety throughout the City of Houston.  Field Services also prepares and maintains various records and responds to service requests generated through 311 by citizens and other departments.   Traffic analysts research and resolve investigation-based service requests and work closely with other departments to coordinate the installation of stop signs, parking restrictions, and street name signs on new and renamed street segments.

Dispatch Section

The Dispatch Section is a critical component of Transportation & Drainage Operations.  This group is responsible for providing emergency response and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This section dispatches requests for drainage/street infrastructure, traffic signal maintenance, flashing beacon maintenance, and freeway lighting maintenance, while maintaining a typical response time of 2 hours or less.  Dispatchers are stationed in the Houston Transtar Control Room and play an essential role in ensuring traffic safety.

Customer Service Section

Information Services strives to provide exceptional customer service to the residents of Houston, as well as other public entities, in an effort to improve traffic mobility and street/drainage infrastructure maintenance. This section is Transportation & Drainage Operation’s (TDO) main point of contact for customer service. Information Services is responsible for processing and tracking all service requests and work orders received by the TDO through the 311 Houston Service Helpline. The main objective for Information Services is to ensure the TDO addresses every concern in a timely and efficient manner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding traffic mobility and safety, please call the Traffic Hotline at 832-395-3000; Information Services will be happy to assist you.