Traffic Maintenance Branch

 Operational 24 hours per day, this branch also performs preventative maintenance on signals and beacons and minor construction projects. The Branch encourages all issues with traffic control devices, from signs with graffiti to signal timing problems, be reported to 311.

Pavement Marking & Signing Maintenance SectionTraffic Signal & Freeway Lighting Maintenance

Pavement Marking & Signing Maintenance Section

John Brown - Public Works Maintenance Manager The Pavement Marking and Signing Maintenance Section preforms preventative and corrective maintenance on pavement markings along the City's streets, including more than 9,300 Crosswalks, 8,000 stop lines and thousands of miles of linear lane lines. Crosswalk and stop lines must be refreshed every three years. Considering the extensive system of lane lines throughout the City, resources are focused on re-striping major roadways. However, any citizen request for re-striping will be investigated and scheduled for maintenance as necessary. This section is also responsible for all of Houston's traffic control signing (more than one million signs), including maintenance, installation, and manufacturing (25,000 new signs annually). Additionally, this section supports hundreds of parades and special events every year. Major projects include the School Coordination Program and Neighborhoods to Standards signing program, as well as support of the Quiet Zone Program. .

Traffic Signal & Freeway Lighting Maintenance Section

Ray Owens - Public Works Maintenance Manager

The Traffic Signal & Freeway Lighting Section performs preventive maintenance checks on all traffic signals, school zone flashers, and other hazard beacons.  Preventive maintenance is the foundation upon which all traffic signal operations lie and is the single most important task necessary to the operation of a safe and efficient traffic signal system.  Additional signal related responsibilities include: responding to traffic signal complaints, light outages, timing problems, & emergency situations like signals on flash or signal service outages, as well as preparing new signal controller cabinets for installation.

This section is also responsible for maintaining all freeway and under bridge lighting fixtures.  Additionally, this section sometimes performs traffic signal or school zone related construction projects, including cutting new traffic signal detection loops and emergency maintenance (ex. replacing damaged signal poles).

The Traffic Signal & Freeway Lighting Section is operational 24  hours a day, 365 days a year.

Signal Timing & Operations Section

Mazen Abdulrazzak - Supervising Engineer

Oversees all traffic signal operations within the City, including those along TxDOT facilities. Signal Operations responds to citizen complaints over signal timing and requests for new signals and signal modifications such as protected left turn phasing (left turn arrows). This section also assists with plan review for CIP and developer projects, as well as Accessible Pedestrian Device investigations. Signal Operations consists of engineers and senior traffic signal timing technicians. Major projects include the continuation of TSPIP (Traffic Signal Performance Improvement Program) and the development of new traffic signal timing plans for Downtown Houston.

The Mobility Response Team (MRT) is a joint project between the Department of Public Works and Engineering (PWE) and the Houston Police Department (HPD), with the purpose of helping to alleviate traffic congestion. Using resources in place (such as Houston TranStar & 311), PWE staff work with HPD to locate traffic bottlenecks throughout the City. Civilian Mobility Response Officers with HPD are dispatched to provide manual traffic control at congestion hot spots. PWE engineers or technicians are dispatched to evaluate potential improvements in signal timing and operations. While the team's primary focus is inside the loop, they will be available throughout the City. The MRT began full operations on July 1, 2007 and operates throughout the day covering both the morning and evening rush hours (6am – 10pm, Monday through Friday). The MRT's PWE staff is based at Houston Transtar.