Street Surface Assessment Vehicle

Steven Loo, Managing Engineer

In order to achieve this objective, pavement data collection and analysis was performed for approximately 1,145 centerline miles of major roadway and 4,793 centerline miles of local roadway in the City network. This pavement condition survey and PCI value will become the basis for management, maintenance, project and budget decisions for the City. Utilizing the PCI value as the basis for pavement-related decisions will allow the City to build a quantifiable and repeatable process for planning annual pavement maintenance or preservation project funding.

To evaluate the general distress characteristics of each roadway segment, DTS utilized their Mobile Asset Collection (MAC) vehicles to collect street-level right-of-way imagery and downward pavement imagery. The automated distress data collection was performed in general accordance with ASTM D6433-09 (Standard Practice for Roads and Parking Lots Pavement Condition Index Surveys) and ASTM Standard E1656 (Standard Guide for Classification of Automated Pavement Condition Survey Equipment), utilizing a Class 1 device as defined by the specifications.

Street assessments are scheduled to be gathered and updated every 2 years.

Please click here to view the current street assessments on the GIMS website.

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