Storm Water Action Team

A Storm Water Action Team (SWAT) has been created to help proactively improve drainage and mitigate flooding citywide.

Approximately 100 projects spread throughout the city have been initially identified for the SWAT program. Projects have been selected based on 311 calls and other data regarding frequency of flooding.

City Council has approved an initial funding of $10 million so that work can begin on 22 projects, two in each council district.

Drainage systems improvements may include:

Storm Sewers and Outfalls
  • Replace collapsed outfalls, replace & upsize inlets, re-establish curbs & gutters
Roadside Ditches and Culverts
  • Clear & regrade ditches, replace culverts
Off-Road Ditches and Detention Ponds
  • Clear, regrade & de-silt ditches, minor erosion repairs 

For questions or concerns, call 311


Schumacher and Star Lane Roadside Ditch Improvement

This project will improve existing drainage along Star Lane and Schumacher (from Fountain View to Chimney Rock) by re-establishing ditches and replacing culverts.


These exhibits show the project limits and proposed draft plan for drainage improvements for Schumacher and Star Lane. The tentative location of driveways and placement of ditches are represented in the drawings. Please take into account that these are preliminary locations of proposed improvements. If you have any comments or would like to address a specific issue with your property, please contact your Council Member’s office by February 22nd, 2019.

Thursday, November 14, 2019