Sidewalk Program

In the City of Houston, homeowners with a sidewalk abutting their property are responsible for maintaining that sidewalk.  The Department of Public Works and Engineering (PWE) offers programs to assist homeowners with existing sidewalks:

Privately Funded Sidewalk Program – PWE prepares the cost estimate and provides it to the homeowner for approval.  If the homeowner approves, PWE authorizes the contractor and oversees construction.

Residential Sidewalk Panel Replacement Program – This is a homeowner “do-it-yourself” program with a requirement to notify the City.

Safe Sidewalk Program - PWE constructs sidewalks as an independent public improvement through the Safe Sidewalk Program which has three options:

  • Pedestrian Accessible Review (PAR) Program: sidewalks and curb cuts/ramps are provided to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Safe School Sidewalk Program (SSP): Provides sidewalks on streets leading to schools within a four block area.
  • Major Thoroughfare Program: Provides sidewalks along streets categorized by the Planning Department as Major Thoroughfares.