Street and Drainage Division

Eric K. Dargan, Deputy DirectorEric Dargan

PWE logoThe Street & Drainage Division (SDD), headed by Deputy Director Eric K. Dargan, is responsible for the safe operating condition of city streets and bridges, drainage ditches and storm sewers. The Division is headquartered at 611 Walker, with maintenance facilities located throughout the city to better serve the community. The division's operating budget is approximately $90 million with over 600 personnel. It funds all personnel, supplies, services and capital equipment needed to operate and maintain the infrastructure of the fourth largest City in the United States. The Street & Drainage Division also receives, dispatches, investigates, and responds to 3-1-1 requests, and maintains the 24/7 dispatch/hotshot operation responding to urgent SDD requests. 

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The Administrative Branch

Led by Deputy Assistant Director Erik K. Dunn, directs the daily operations of the Customer Service/3-1-1, Budget & Finance, Special Projects, Personnel, and Payroll and Benefits sections. 


The Storm Water Maintenance Branch

Led by Assistant Director Rod Pinheiro, directs the daily operations of the Road Side/Off Road Ditch Maintenance, Storm Sewer Maintenance, Storm Water Quality Enforcement, and Technical Services Sections.


The Street and Bridge Maintenance Branch

Led by Assistant Director Diane Lowery-Binnie, directs the daily operation of the Bridge Maintenance, Specialized Maintenance and the General Maintenance sections.


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Contact Street & Drainage

611 Walker
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: 832.395.2500
Email: Eric K. Dargan 

Safety and Security Emergency Contact Number 713.843.5483

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