Wastewater Operations

Shannon DunneShannon DunneSenior Assistant Director

City of Houston Wastewater History
Houston Water has 39 wastewater treatment plants that collect and treat an average of 250 million gallons of wastewater per day. Over 6,100 miles of sewer lines and 383 lift stations comprise Houston’s sanitary sewer collection system. The sanitary sewer collection system moves wastewater to the local treatment plants where it can be treated and safely returned to bayous and lakes.

Wastewater Operations includes: Executive Support, Operations and Maintenance.

History of Houston Wastewater

The Wastewater Operations Branch (WWO), led by Senior Assistant Director Mr. Dunne, provides wastewater service to the citizens of Houston.

Our mission is to collect and to treat wastewater in the Houston area.

Our goal is to promote public health and welfare through the collection, treatment and reclamation of wastewater.


Shannon Dunne
Senior Assistant Director
4545 Groveway
Houston, TX 77087
Office: 832-395-4989
Email: SADWWOps@houstontx.gov 


Wastewater Executive Support

This area is divided into four sections:

Management Support
The Management Support Section serves as the general business arm in directing the management, coordination and implementation of administrative policies and procedures and oversight of five (5) elements within the branch inclusive of budget/ procurement, human relations, storeroom, fleet and supply contracts operations.

Regulatory Affairs/Pretreatment & Industrial Wastewater Service Section
For more than three decades, the Regulatory Affairs Section has worked to protect the City's wastewater treatment plants (and thus the state waters) by regulating industrial wastes that are discharged to the City's sanitary sewer system… More

Technical Services
The Technical Services Section is responsible for the following tasks: engineering support for operations and maintenance, Capital Improvements Program (CIP) scope and coordination, chemicals, biosolids, library Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) and odor investigation… More

Contract Management
Wastewater Operations Branch obtains the services of contractors for construction, renewal, operation, and maintenance of the wastewater collection system, lift stations, treatment plants and administration buildings. The Contract Management Section is responsible for the development, renewal, administration, and management of service contracts for the Branch… More

Wastewater Operations

This area is divided into three sections:

Collection System Analysis
The Collection System Analysis Section is responsible for the repair and rehabilitation of over 6,100 miles of sewer pipelines ranging in size from 6 inches to 144 inches in diameter, with over 127,000 manholes. Sewer depths range up to 80 feet… More

Construction Management
The Construction Management Section is responsible for monitoring construction quality and progress of sewer rehabilitation projects and emergency repair projects, responding to collection system inquires, facilitating communication between contractors and the public, coordinating sewer rehabilitation projects with other organizations, and construction and materials testing conformance… More

Plant Operations
The Plant Operations Section is charged with protecting public health and the environment of the community by treating an average of 250 million gallons per day (MGD) of raw sewage, also called wastewater, with an overall permitted capacity of 564 MGD. The wastewater is generated by residential, commercial, and industrial customers… More

Wastewater Maintenance

This area is divided into three sections:

Collection System Repairs
The Collection System Repairs Section provides maintenance of over 6,100 miles of sewer pipelines and over 127,000 wastewater manholes… More

Electrical & Instrumentation
The Electrical & Instrumentation Section supports the Operations and Maintenance Sections with network and system applications, electrical services, instrumentation installation and maintenance, network infrastructure, control system support, information system/application services, and the operations of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system… More

Mechanical Management
The Mechanical Management Section performs maintenance at the treatment plants, and the operation and maintenance at the lift stations to ensure the proper operation of the mechanical equipment to meet the needs of each facility… More