Water Resources

Veronica R. Osegueda, Division Manager

This group provides contract administration, regulatory support services and oversees the review of all water district creations and annexations within the corporate limits of the City of Houston and its extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

Utility District Review

Announcements: Effective February 2, 2018, the 2018 Water District Consent Application Form must be used.

2018 Water District Consent Application Form

Sample Documents
2018 Water District Consent Application Form – Sample
Vicinity Map – Sample
40 Year Demand Projections - Sample

Reference Documents
In-City Consent Conditions
Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) Consent Conditions
Equivalent Service Units (ESU) Chart

Contracts Administration

Announcements: For any information regarding Contract Request Forms, please call 832-395-3087. These forms are currently being revised.

Contract Request Forms
Treated Water Contract Request Form (Coming Soon)
Non-Potable (Untreated) Water Contract Request Form (Coming Soon)
Existing Contract Action Form (Coming Soon)

Reference Documents
Water Service Manual

Other Resources


Acceptance Letters and Receipts - Once the Water Resources Group accepts the application as administratively complete, the applicable filing/administrative fee will be processed, and a receipt and acceptance letter will be mailed to the listed attorney.

Airport Letters - If any part of the proposed land falls within a City of Houston airport height hazard restriction, a letter detailing the limited building height and the applicable tier designation will be mailed to the listed attorney. Please refer to the Airport Compatible Land Use Ordinance associated with runways at Intercontinental Airport-Houston.

Certified Copies of Ordinances - The Office of the City Secretary will distribute certified copies of the ordinances that have passed council. Please allow a 1-2 week delay from the date the request passed council.  

Contact - Any correspondence regarding Utility District Review can be sent to:
Email: mudreview@houstontx.gov
Phone: 832-395-3087

Improvement Districts and Management Districts - Please contact the City of Houston Planning Department for annexations/creations of Management or Improvement Districts.
Email: pd.publicpolicy@houstontx.gov
Phone: 832-393-6582


In City MUD Bond – Required Documents:
The following documents are required for the City to review and approve a Bond Sale for In-City MUDs per the In-City Consent Conditions:
1.    Letter to the Director of the Department of Public Works and Engineering requesting approval of a Bond Sale
2.    TCEQ’s Draft Order Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds
3.    Draft Preliminary Official Statement and Notice of Sale
4.    Draft Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds; and
5.    Certificate provided by Harris County Appraisal District

The above documents may be emailed to watercontracts@houstontx.gov.

In accordance with the Utility Functions and Services Allocations Agreement, the District must provide the Director with the Official Statement and Bond Resolution before the closing of the sale.