Mechanical Management

 The Mechanical Management Section performs maintenance at the City’s treatment plants, and the City’s lift stations to ensure the proper operation of the mechanical equipment and to meet the needs of each facility. 

The following functions are performed by this section:

  • Operate and maintain over 380 wastewater lift stations.
  • Maintain Work Management System (WMS).
  • Maintain equipment at 39 wastewater treatment plants.
  • Operate and maintain Houston’s approximately 18 stormwater underpass pump stations to insure the underpasses do not flood during heavy rain events.
  • Physical inspection & testing/field investigations including sewer line cleaning and television inspection, sewer line smoke and dye testing, manhole inspections, lift station wet well cleaning, constructability inspections, assisting in response to construction requests for information, correcting system record maps, responding to customer issues, apartment sewer line cleaning program and infiltration/inflow investigations.
  • Preventive maintenance and performance testing of all mechanical equipment at lift stations and wastewater treatment plants. Also performs pump tests to determine the existing performance of pumps in place.