Collection System Repairs

The Collection System Repairs Section provides maintenance for over 6,100 miles of sewer pipelines, and over 127,000 wastewater manholes.

This section is committed to providing innovative management practices, the use of the best available technology, and teamwork to ensure the City of Houston's wastewater collection system is second to none.

We provide the necessary utility services at minimum expense of resources, operate to conserve resources while meeting all utility demands, maintain equipment at their best operating efficiencies, and improve systems, equipment and operations to reduce life cycle costs.

We strive to enhance the quality of life of our customers by working with the citizens in our community, in an effective, efficient and sensitive manner to promote public health and preserve the environment.

We accomplish all of this using insightful planning, state-of-the-art technology, and effective communication. We are committed to treat our customers and each other with fairness, honesty, and respect.

The Collection Systems Repairs Section is responsible for the following tasks:
Sewer line cleaning, television inspection and repairs
Sewer line smoke, dye testing and repairs
Manhole inspections and repairs
Correcting system record maps
Responding to customer issues
Infiltration/inflow investigations and repairs


Televising Sanitary Sewer Main Line  Sewer lateral Line  Sanitary Sewer Point Repair
 Televising Sanitary Sewer Main Line  Televising Sanitary Sewer Service Lateral Line  Sanitary Sewer Point Repair
 Sanitary Sewer Point Repair  Stoppage Team Investigation  Point Repair Excavation

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