Planning and Development Services

Mark L. Loethen, P.E., CFM, Deputy Director

Mark LoethenPWE logoThe Planning and Development Services Division, headed by Deputy Director Mark Loethen, is responsible for utility planning and the permitting/inspection process. The process includes the initial analysis of the availability of public utilities, the planning and design of a new development, the issuance of building permits and ultimately certificates of occupancy. Customers can find assistance within this division for seeking approvals of abandoning public easements and rights of way, construction of new water and/or wastewater lines in public rights of way, obtaining utility commitment letters, storm drainage and storm water quality control requirements, permitting, code enforcement and inspection requirements. The division is divided into five major branches as follows:

Office of the City Engineer 

Langesh Varshney, P.E., Acting City Engineer 

  • Engineering Services Section
  • Construction Services Section
  • Flood Plain Management Section
  • Engineering Standards Section
  • Administrative Support Section


Building Code Enforcement

Mark McAvoy, Senior Assistant Director

  • Office of Customer Engagement
  • Building Code Enforcement
  • Office of Utility Connection
  • Office of Sign Administration
  • Office of Sustainability Education
  • Office of Regulatory Affairs


Management Services Branch 

Noel A. Freeman, MPA, Division Manager

  • Budget and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Reconciliation and Shared Services


Planning Branch 

Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E., Senior Assistant Director 

  • Storm Water Program Planning
  • NPDES Storm Water Permit Implementation and Enforcement
  • Storm Water Inter Agency Coordination


Real Estate Branch 

Nancy P. Collins, Esq.,Senior Assistant Director 



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