Residential Sidewalk Panel Replacement Program

Residential Sidewalk Panel Replacement Program

Residential home owners may repair/replace portions of an existing sidewalk without a permit or bond if the area of repair/replacement:

  • Is within the homeowner’s own property lines
  • Does not include any portion of the driveway, and
  • Is reconstructed in-kind and in accordance with City standards.

It is the responsibility of the permit user to contact Houston Parks & Recreation Department’s Urban Forestry if the sidewalk panel to be repaired/replaced is near existing tree roots.

The work may be completed by the homeowner or a contractor.

A notice of replacement must be filed with the Office of the City Engineer at least two (2) business days prior to work. A notice of completion must be filed no later than five (5) business days after completion. The sidewalk will not be inspected by City staff.

Residential Sidewalk Panel Replacement Forms

This program does not apply to sidewalk panels associated with new construction, remodeling or rebuilding of a residential property. This program excludes commercial properties.