Product Approval Committee

construction imageThis directory contains lists of Standard Products by discipline. Each area within Capital Projects will have a list of approved products and are currently approved for download:

Standard Products
Standard Product Application

If you have any questions regarding information provided in this directory, please write to the Product Approval Committee at the following address:

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Product Approval Committee

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Standards Review Committee

Office of the City Engineer

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This information is provided as a technical resource for engineering and architectural professionals for use in design and construction of public works projects managed or contracted by the City of Houston. As design professionals, they assume responsibility for selection, reference, and appropriate application of these resources. The lists of standard products offered here can be augmented by supplemental specifications and modified details produced by the assigned or contracted design professional and approved by the City Engineer. The City of Houston accepts no liability for use of these resources. Any person making use of the information contained in these files shall be solely responsible for their use. These files are not intended as a substitute for the professional judgment of a design professional.