Privately Funded Sidewalk Program

Privately Funded Sidewalk Program

Property owners seeking to repair, remove or install sidewalks have a relatively fast and easy alternative through the Privately Funded Sidewalk Program provided by the City of Houston’s Department of Public Works and Engineering (PWE).

This program provides set fees, contractors and oversight of construction for property owners. The construction/repair is managed, not performed, by PWE. The property owner is responsible for the costs, and has the right to review and approve all costs prior to the commencement of work. There is no obligation to use this program as it is only a tool provided by PWE to assist homeowners.

How the Program Works:
  • Property owner completes and submits APPLICATION.
  • PWE assesses work site for constructability and prepares a Cost Estimate.
  • The Cost Estimate is provided to the property owner for review and approval.
  • Property owner submits payment upon approval of the Cost Estimate.
  • PWE issues a work order to the contractor.
  • PWE oversees contractor until completion.
  • PWE, property owner and contractor will conduct a final inspection upon completion.
  • Contractor provides a one year warranty.
  • Work is limited to City right-of-way.
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