Easement Reverter Procedure

This application is for use whenever it is determined that a recorded instrument contains verbiage which allows a public easement (storm sewer, water, water meter, or sanitary sewer) to revert to the previous owner or terminate, if the easement is no longer being used for the original purpose for which it was conveyed to the City.

  • This application can be used to request the reverter/affidavit of multiple easements, so long as the easements are located within the same tract. For easements located in another tract, additional applications are required.
  • This application must be completed and returned to the Utility Analysis Section (UAS) for it to review and determine if an active public utility is located within the easement. Include contact information for UAS.
  • If the recorded instrument does not contain reverter/termination verbiage, or an active public utility line is located within the easement, then the Application for Abandonment and Sale of an Easement must be completed.
  • All information must be complete on the application, including printed name, title, date, and signature. All related documents must be attached to the application.

To access the Easement Reverter Application please, Click Here.