Mobility Permits

Kerry ParkerSenior Project Manager

Oversees Lane & Street Closures, Sidewalk Closures, and Sidewalk Cafés, and Curb Painting.

The mobility permit system portal provides the City of Houston with the ability to manage city streets and sidewalks during public and private construction. If you are a contractor that may require temporary use of city streets or sidewalks during construction, please read our FAQ prior to applying for a permit. The mobility permit portal also serves to manage sidewalk café permits.

For permit applications, visit the Permit System Portal and click on Mobility Permit System to begin using the new online permit system. From here you will be able to obtain a user name and password by creating a user profile. Please fax or email your updated insurance to 832.395.3057 or after registration so that we may update your profile. Permit status updates will be sent to you via email. If required to pay a fee, the email will contain a link to pay for permits online using your credit card or e-check. A valid email address is required for you to receive notifications from the City.

Permit System Portal (Online Applications)

Mobility Permit Information

Sidewalk Cafe Ordinance Section 40-10.1


For more information, contact us by email or phone (832.395.3020) during hours of operation, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30 pm.