Capital Projects Public Engagement

Want to be engaged in your community but short on time? Want to share your thoughts on improvement projects happening in your area when it is convenient for you? Welcome to Engage Houston, a site where we are listening -- where you can have your say on various projects that affect you and your neighbors. This is a new way for you to provide your input quickly and easily -- it begins with just a click.

Capital Projects places a high value on the involvement and engagement of the community in our Capital Improvement Plan. Public Engagement creates and maintains a community that is educated, aware, motivated and engaged. Public Engagement can make all aspects of a project run smoothly. Our goal is to deliver efficient, effective, and equitable engagement for Capital Projects.  

The Public Engagement Team is committed to building a robust community engagement plan providing a platform that promotes transparency and trust. This page is here to inform you of the projects that Capital Projects is working on currently. We encourage your questions and comments. Please email us anytime at OR call us by dialing 311.