Chief Administrative Office

Roel Garcia, Chief of Staff

Sections of the Chief Administrative Office

 Small Business Development | Council Liaison Section


Management Support Section

Vacant, Assistant Director

 The Management Support Branch are responsible for the direct delivery of the following services department-wide:

  • Case management of workers’ compensation
  • Records management
  • Safety, security, & environmental response
  • Building management of 611 Walker
  • Organizational design and development
  • Human resources (workforce) analysis and personnel data management
  • Learning and employee  development 
  • Employee onboarding to assist new employees in becoming productive members of the department
  • Employee communications
  • Internal review/contract compliance.

In addition, it is responsible for monitoring the staffing, employee relations and payroll services provided to the department by other city departments.

The branch has five sections that provide services to Public Works five service lines:

The Case Management Section coordinates the Workers’ Compensation Program and the City’s Transitional Duty Program. It ensures compliance with the legal requirements for timely report filing and facilitating the return of injured workers to meaningful employment as soon as possible. It also provides specialized payroll services for employees on Workers’ Compensation. This section also maintains the personnel records for the department. It acts as the distribution center for the various forms, newsletters, benefit information and employee communication notices. Approximately 100,000 pieces of information are distributed each month. All Houston Municipal Employees’ Pension System retirement packages are initiated by this section for department employees.

The Safety and Security Section is responsible for oversight of the department’s activities to provide employees with a safe and secure environment in which to work. This endeavor includes accident investigations, criminal investigations, emergency response to environmental spills, facility and field audits and security assessments, safety training classes, report preparation and analysis of incidents to identify areas for preventative activities. This group also coordinates a department-wide Executive Safety and Training Committee, as well as various divisional committees to ensure involvement from all units of Public Works and Engineering in safety and security awareness. In addition, it is responsible for the building management of 611 Walker.

The Internal Review/Contract Compliance Section assists management by evaluating the effectiveness of operations and controls over assets, compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations, and by conducting operational, contract and financial reviews. It is also responsible for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating contracts for the department. This includes monitoring vendor performance including billing process and services provided, assisting end users in administering contracts, recommending changes to contracts, and reviewing complaints by end users and vendors concerning contracts.

The Learning and Development Section provides department-focused training including New Employee Orientation, refresher training on policies and procedures, and performance improvement. It is responsible for the implementation of the Learning Talent Management System which expedites training registration and approval, offers e-learning opportunities, maintains employee training records and enhances career development.

The Office of the Senior Assistant Director provides workforce and financial analytics, facility scheduling, Kronos training and support, Language Access Policy support, digital signage management, management consulting, APWA accreditation support and other department wide services.