Consent to Encroach Agreement

Request for the City to Approve an Encroachment of an Existing Structure into a Street or Alley.

This application is for use only under the following conditions:

(a) The encroachment is pre-existing

(b) The encroaching structure must be permanent, such as a building, garage, etc.

 If the encroachment is into a subsurface utility easement* or aerial easement**:

This application cannot be used for any new or proposed encroachments. Owner should be prepared to construct private improvements within private property and not within the public right-of-way.

This application cannot be used for any type of request that includes the abandonment and sale of a street, alley, or easement, the sale of fee-owned property, or any other request. Please include 

Encroachment Requests with the Application for Abandonment and Sale of Street or Alley.


 * Please direct your request to the Utility Analysis Section

Contact: Rudy Moreno

 **Please direct your request to the Office of the City Engineer

Contact: Joseph T. Myers, P.E.

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