City Water is Safe to Drink After Warehouse Fire: Resources Available for Private Wells

Drinking water supplied by the City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering, Drinking Water Operations is safe to drink and was not affected by the industrial fire that occurred at 1700 Laverne St. in the Spring Branch area on Thusday, May 5, 2016.  Owners of private groundwater wells in the area of the fire are advised that the City of Houston does not regulate or monitor water from private wells. 

Private water well owners may choose to have their water sampled through the City of Houston Health Department, Water and Dairy Section, or through a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality-accredited laboratory.  The Houston Health Department only performs water sampling for Total Coliform and e. coli.  A TCEQ-accredited laboratory can assist with these and other constituents.

TCEQ maintains a list of accredited laboratories on their website at: 

Information from the City of Houston Health Department, Water and Dairy Section can be found at or by calling 832-393-3939. 

The City continues to advise residents to avoid contact with surface water runoff in storm sewers, ditches, streams and bayous until further notice due to the potential for hazardous chemicals to be present in these surface waters.  Additionally the Houston Health Department advises to not eat fish caught from any stream or bayou within this area.