CIP Programing

David WurdlowDeputy Assistant Director

CIP Programing Need Identification, Assessment, and Long Range Planning

This section identifies the needs for the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure in order to maintain level of service and meet regulatory compliance.  In addition, this section develops a range of prioritized water and wastewater infrastructure operational and improvement plans to be implemented through the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  The section also analyzes street and storm infrastructure conditions within the City of Houston to identify and prioritize need areas for pre-engineering studies.


R. Jeff Masek, P.E., CCM Assistant Director

Facilities, provides engineering services and manages the design projects of the city's Adopted Five Year Capital Improvement Plan. The Branch's design projects include new construction and upgrades to the city's water and wastewater systems, street and storm sewer infrastructure and traffic control systems. The Branch also works closely with other local state governmental entities and planning agencies to coordinate projects.

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Juan Chavira, P.E., PMP, CEM Assistant Director

Infrastructure provides construction services related to the street, bridge, sidewalks, bikeways, overlays, stormwater, water and wastewater infrastructure systems. Also, the Branch provides construction management, engineering support and project inspection for the aforementioned construction activities included in the city's Adopted Five Year Capital Improvement Plan.

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Project Management Office

Jody Craze, PMP, CCM Deputy Assistant Director

The Project Management Office Roles and responsibilities:

  • Facilitate data gathering, planning, management, and analytical processes to improve positive project outcomes.
  • Creates, compiles, and centralizes procedures, processes that impact project management within the Service Line.
  • Provide and manage tools that assist in efficient and effective project management and research the necessity of future tools.
  • Centralize the communication of information in formats that assist effective governance, management, and decision making. Centralizes the sharing of information between Departments, Delivery Lines, and Service Lines.
  • Report and assure measures of project performance, schedule, and budget are at an acceptable level of risk.
  • Provide a coordinated approach to the development and delivery of infrastructure.
  • Point of reporting and assurance.
  • Provide technical training within the Service Line.

Project Support

Cheryl Harris, Deputy Assistant Director

Project Support provides quality customer service to the citizens of Houston, Houston Public Works and other departments within the city. The branch investigates, resolves and tracks citizens' request for information and services related to Capital Improvement Projects requested through 3-1-1, SNAP, TPIA and Subpoena. SSB also provides centralized administrative support for the division including: monthly reporting, training coordination and tracking, award programs, vehicle compliance, maintenance of employee performance evaluations, safety compliance, personnel actions, and budget preparation and management and inventory control.

Real Estate

Marjorie Cox, Assistant Director

Real Estate, led by Assistant Director, Marjorie Cox,, researches and acquires real property interests needed for public use in support of the implementation of the Adopted Five Year Capital Improvement Plan. Additionally, the Branch manages the sale of City-owned property interests (streets, easements and alleys) and processes requests for encroachments into streets or alleys through the Joint Referral Committee (JRC) process. For property interests acquired, sold, or exchanged, the Branch oversees value estimates through the appraisal review process or provides value recommendations. To accomplish these necessary tasks, the Branch utilizes the four specialized personnel sections listed below:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Appraisal
  • Land Disposition
  • Closing and Records Management
  • Survey Section
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Appraiser Document Access
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Survey Section

Summer Chandler, R.P.L.S., Chief Surveyor

The Survey Section provides many services related to Land Surveying. These include review of plans & documents related to private and public development projects, management of the City’s Monumentation & Mapping Program, and providing land surveying expertise for all City departments. The Survey Section is also a resource to private surveyors working on projects within the City.

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Contact information:
611 Walker St - 19th Floor
Houston TX 77002


Technical Services

Mike Pezeshki, P.E. , Managing Engineer

The Technical Services consists of a Geotechnical Section and an Environmental Section. The Geotechnical Section is solely responsible for implementation of critical quality control measures on construction projects through management of engineering testing service contracts for Houston Public Works. The Environmental Section provides for environmental investigations of potential hazards (such as chemical, lead, asbestos, etc.) on City property, through environmental service contracts. The Branch also reviews all Geotechnical and Environmental Reports and Proposals during the design phase of Houston Public Works Capital Improvement Projects and provides consulting services to all the divisions of the department on geotechnical and environmental issues.

Construction Materials Testing
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